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Welcome to Israel Visa Application Centre, Sri Lanka (VAC)

Latest Update- 16th June, 2020

This is to announce that the Israel Visa Centre in Colombo will only allow applicants who have prior approval from the Ministry of Interior in the State of Israel. Please take all personal precautionary gear and measures due to COVID-19 pandemic.

Latest Update- 1st July, 2019

The Israel Visa Centre will continue to receive the application for all types of visas : B/2 - Tourism/ Business/ Conference/Visit, A/2 Student, A/4 Dependent, B/1 Expert, B/1 Caregiver, B/4 Volunteer.

Ayubowa! Sri-Lanka Visa Processing is an exclusive service provider for the peninsular territory of Sri Lanka. We are certified to provide bureaucratic support services to outsource Israel visa. Our organization welcomes sojourners from different cities to capture the mesmerizing Sri Lanka at it’s best. This Website has all the necessary information, starting from Visa application to guideline and requirements of documents for submission. Israel Visa Processing center In Sri Lanka provides all facilities where you can submit your visa application with supporting documents.

Israel visa application center Sri Lanka provides the visa application support service only. Staff members of visa application center have no power over the outcome of an application. The decision to issue or refuse a visa is solely by the Embassy of Israel/Consulate General of Israel. Israel visa application center Sri Lanka role is entirely impartial.

In case the Visa Approval process takes longer than our customer service targets then it is stated that neither the Israel Visa application centres nor the Israel Embassy shall be responsible in any manner whatsoever and the Applicant shall be the sole bearer of all risk and consequences." Please note that acceptance and rejection of Visas is at the sole discretion of the Israel Embassy & fees paid are non-refundable.

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